material bienenwachs


Julia Kortus _materialbienenwachs_6



Julia-Kortus-_materialbienenwachs_1  Julia-Kortus-_materialbienenwachs_3

Julia-Kortus-_materialbienenwachs_5   Julia-Kortus-_materialbienenwachs_7

Beeswax is valuable resource, which can be used in many ways. The work material bienenwachs shows a revival of a more and more forgotten, old natural and growing material. The work should raise our awareness of the beeswax and show the value of the material. The beeswax is used in its purest form and combined with organic cotton, linen and paper. It can be seperated of the other components without any remains, cause of the natural and simple use of the material. This leaves the beeswax its longevity. The value of this material, the possibility to use it a thousand times, doesn‘t get lost.

Photo credit: Armen Asratyan



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